American Apparel Fine Jersey Leisure Dress

Who's that doe-eyed girl with the brazen 'tude, hatching big dreams of a big-city dude? Her life nonstop parties, the cat never fed--Golightly, this lifestyle's gone to your head! A recreational must, Golightly combines the collar, button-neck, and front pocket of a traditional polo shirt with a teasingly girlish dress bottom. Subversively playful, provocatively elegant, Golightly's dance card is sure to be filled to capacity this summer! 100% cotton--breezy bliss.

This item cannot be sold without customization. If ordered as such, this item will be cancelled from your order.

You can customize this product with a design from our design base, or upload one of you own. You can apply text in a variety of font styles and colors. Choose if you want it stitched or pressed. For all this options and many more Customize it.

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