Return Policy

Hello Friends!
How much love do we put into our work? An unheard-of amount. Love x infinity love. We are the only company in the known universe that makes one-at-a-time hand-stitched goods to a big audience. Some customers choose not to stitch their items, and we hand-design those as well. Our return policy applies to both stitched and pressed items - all our products.

Because so many of us here in Brooklyn work on your order before it goes out, you need to be sure your order is correct before sending it our way. Your order is in no way pre-fabricated- it doesn't even exist before you think it up! That's why we don't do returns. In short, you buy it, you break it. All of our products are custom-made for you, and after thousands of orders, we still think we've never made two identical Neighborhoodies. In short, choose carefully, because you really can't return them or get a refund.

Exchanges Apply If:

  • There are no cash or credit card refunds. The only form of refund ever given is a Neighborhoodies credit.

  • Exchanges apply to orders that do not have the same size, color, font, spelling, or any provable way (e.g. you wrote arch the text and we made it straight) as indicated on your invoice. Naturally, if it's our fault we'll correct it and send it back out to you.

  • The item you are exchanging is a blank product.

  • We do not accept exchanges or offer credit for sizing issues. If you're in doubt, buy a blank as a test. These are cheap and wonderful and if you pay for the shipping back we will refund you for a perfect blank.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]